Use cases


Any information that needs to be preserved intact and has to remain safely stored using Blockchain (decentralized and more affordable than through intermediaries). Also, if the information is stored ciphered, it can be guaranteed its confidentiality, as only those who have the key will have access to the aforementioned information.


As an example, health records could be unified and stored through Blockchain. This way, the complete medical history of each patient could be safe and available only to authorized health providers, regardless of their location and even without having treated the patient previously. Even the pharmaceutical industry can use the technology to verify specific medications and avoid counterfeiting.


It could also be useful for managing digital assets and files. The problem with current digital management systems is that everything is too easily copied, but Blockchain prevents shopping registries, deeds, certificates or any kind of digital file from being copied and falsified.


Internet of Things (IoT) will be revolutionized by Blockchain, where the challenge lays on the millions of devices connected to the Internet that have to be managed by the companies that provided them. In a few years, the centralized model won’t allow that many devices, not accounting for those that are not safe enough. Thanks to Blockchain, devices can interact with each other directly, safely and reliably.

Blockchain lets us verify, validate, trace and store any kind of data, from digital certificates, democratic voting systems, logistic services, smart contracts and, of course, financial transactions.

These are some currently active projects worth reviewing:

  • HyperLedger Project

    Hyperledger is an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies.

  • R3 Cev

    40 of the biggest banks have come together to find Blockchain-based solutions for their financial processes. It also offers reports and research on the technology.

  • Storj

    The first storage initiative based on Blockchain and available to anyone. User data is ciphered and stored on Blockchain for its preservation.

  • Proof of Existence

    An online certification service for any kind of document. It offers the possibility to save a document on Blockchain, preventing it from being altered or deleted.