Hire offshore Blockchain developers



We’re focused on the promotion of Blockchain technologies around the world, offering reliable and driven developers to companies that want to scale their dev team.


Benefits for our business partners


We seek to establish long term relationships based on trust and the knowledge that we’re building one of the most solid Blockchain development cultures in Mexico.


Dedicated, tailor-made teams

You run the project while our devs join your team full time.


Employee management

Avocado devs work from our Campus in Merida and have access to multiple perks.


Driven developers

Our devs get all the support needed to help them learn, grow and be in shape.


Flexible contracts

Contracts fine-tuned to your needs, with a monthly billing.


Why Avocado?


Save time and money

The hiring process for new developers requires time and money, specially keeping them up-to-date with new Blockchain technologies. That’s why Avocado has got you covered: We invest in their education, personal growth and satisfaction, so they can focus 100% on your project.


Driven and energized

Our devs are focused on your project because we help them stay driven and full of energy by sponsoring conferences, game tournaments, tutorials, gym memberships, yoga and a lot more.



We keep our developers motivated to improve their skills in the most used Blockchain technologies, so they can always be ready to join your development team.


We’re your allies

Our goal at Avocado is to help you by providing Blockchain developers ready to join your team and start delivering quality code immediately.


Choose wisely


Tell us about your needs and the skills you are looking for in a developer, and we’ll match you with the best one, perfectly suited for your project.


Scale your development team

We help you execute your projects with the help of our trustworthy Blockchain developers, ready to join your team and start delivering high quality code immediately.