What is Avocado Blockchain Services?

Avocado is a company that focuses in the promotion of Blockchain technologies around the globe, providing our reliable and driven developers for companies that require to escalate their business or a developer lead in Blockchain related technologies.

What sets apart Avocado other developer services?

Our philosophy has a developer-centered approach that cares about their personal and professional aspect, which benefits our clients as well as our developers, whilst ensuring a high quality service.

Some of the things that set us apart:


The focus that we give our developers to ensure their knowledge, help them grow and keep focused is not common in the industry. We believe that their growth will also benefit each one of our business partners. Highly driven developers are proactive, keep up to date on their projects and are trained with the highest quality standards. ACTIVEx is the program that helps our developers to reach their full potential.


Throughout an exhaustive selection process we attract developers that are at least 2 year experienced. Our research process is designed to find people that matches our work culture and that embrace excelente. Plus, our exclusive Avocado Bootcamp consists on a 6 month intensive Blockchain training course. 

Our Devs are driven, confident, highly communicative, and they have a english coach that supports them on their projects. At Avocado we value communication skills and passion as much as we do with technical skills.


Unlike other companies that vanish once the contract is signed, we want our business partners and our developers to be successful, so we focus on nurturing both parts so the projects flow perfectly. Our team is your team, and we’ll be always available for you.

In how much time can Avocado’s developers join my team?

Depending on the specific needs of every project and what we consider to be the best solution, the time may vary, but the overall time of team integration is between one and three weeks.

Is there any minimal time for a contract so that a Avocado Dev joins my team?

The contract’s minimal duration is 3 months.

Do you provide half-time developers?

Our developers usually join our business partners in a full-time role, totally dedicated on the assigned project. If you are interested in creating a long time relationship that starts as a part-time project, we can discuss this matter.

After filling the forms, will I get a candidate list to choose from?

Our way of reaching out is quite simple to establish a first contact so we can focus on talking with you about your project and needs. After completing the contact forms, we’ll get in contact to schedule a call. Once we have understood your situation, we’ll present the developers that fit the best to fulfill your needs. 

Where do your developers reside?

Our developers are located at the Avocado Campus, at Mérida Yucatán, one of the most prosper and safe cities in México, with one of the best life and studies level on the country. We believe that excellence has no boundaries, and this reflects on the high standard recruitment that Avocado ensures on their developers skills. You won’t have to worry about different time zones as our team is highly professional and flexible.

What happens if there’s any problem with my developer or things just don’t work for my project?

In case any inconvenient shall rise, we will surely look into it to come up with the best solution. If a developer doesn’t match the needs of the project, we will gladly assign a new developer that match the profile needed.

If you need to take a break of our partnership or to terminate it, you just have to give us a 30 day notice so we can reduce and assign the proper resources.

Where do you reclute your developers?

 Avocado has a methodology of talent selection and attraction. Through our exhaustiva process of selection, we attract Devs that have at least 2 year work experience as developers. We ensure to select properly, we train them on blockchain technology and other skills that help them reach their full potential: we make sure they are ready to work in any environment on their professional area.

Can your developers come and work on my business?

Our developers are offshore, and join Avocado because we have created one of the best work environment for them. That said, if both parties agree, our Devs could visit your business, but not work physically there. If this is the case, transportation, accomodation and food expenses would be covered by the client.  


We help you choose the best team


Allow our professionals to help you incorporate the best developing team.


Time zone


Skills & experience


Date availability


Culture & personality




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Scale your development team

We help you execute your projects with the help of our trustworthy Blockchain developers, ready to join your team and start delivering high quality code immediately.