Benefits of outsourcing Blockchain technology


If you’re thinking about using Blockchain for Smart Contracts or for a special project in your business, you might be thinking of the best way to start developing. Since Blockchain is trending, Blockchain developers’ hourly cost in the US is higher than ever before. That’s ok, developers today are one of the top paid professionals globally, but sometimes businesses stay behind on this technology because costs are very high. But have you thought about hiring people abroad? This is called outsourcing.

What’s Outsourcing?

According to Merriam-Webster, to outsource is “to procure (something, such as some goods or services needed by a business or organization) from outside sources and especially from foreign or nonunion suppliers”. There are different types of outsourcing:

Offshore: To hire a developer or a team in foreign countries. The only problem here is time zones and communication issues.

Nearshore: To work with a team in a country that shares a border with yours.

Inshore: Hand the job to someone in the same city or country. If we’re talking about the US, this means it’s gonna be quite expensive.  

Outsourcing can be applied to any part of your business, but it’s said to work more when you focus your efforts on your core competencies and leave the rest to outsourcing companies. There are some in countries like Mexico and India that take care of all the working liabilities and local laws so that you can stop worrying about the process: Looking for candidates, hiring, training, and benefits.

"Do what you do best and outsource the rest" is a common saying. Especially for IT in the United States, since programmers get an annual wage of $158k while in other countries, you can hire someone as talented and dedicated to the job for around $20k. The wage is pretty impressive, let’s take in consideration the cost of living in said countries decreases a lot, too.

What good can outsourcing do for my business?

Save money: Partnering with an outsourcing company can make you save in operational costs and expenses, and still keep capital. No need to hire more staff, or deal with benefits expenses.

Trained, qualified talent: In places like Avocado, programmers work in a collaborative environment in our campus located in a paradisiac city. We offer them all the benefits and more. This means you have a happy employee, that has been trained to become a rockstar programmer and is qualified (in skills and personality) to give your project full attention.

Efficiency in operational processes: When hiring abroad, you avoid the time it takes to make high-end research, start on development, and implement.

Upscale fast: You’ll be able to look for and start working with new clients without having to spend time in the long process of hiring a Blockchain expert. In Avocado we also help you transition into a new business model that supports your new Blockchain informatic culture.

Match your competitors, stay ahead: Blockchain is taking over the world. When you hire an Outsourcing company you can start working on the project right away, no red tape needed.

Sometimes, working with freelance programmers in the US or other countries can work out. But for Blockchain, processes are new and your business model needs to adapt to them. Not all programmers know that. Look for a company that secures your time and money, and focus on what you do best. Contact us for a free consultation .

Talia Roman