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Cryptomillions is a lottery platform based on Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts that provides the most fun, safe and transparent experience for players while contributing to social causes.




Lotteries have existed for hundreds of years. By selling 300 billion dollars a year and growing by 9% compared to the previous year, lotteries face problems due to the growing of evidence that they are highly vulnerable to manipulation. Therefore, there is a great opportunity to continue growing the business with a totally transparent and secure online lottery solution; Cryptomillions.

Cryptomillions is a lottery platform based on Blockchain and Smart Contract technology that provides the most fun, safe and transparent experience while contributing to social causes.



Juegos y entretenimiento


6 employees



PROJECT description

Our vision is to transform the concept of lottery by building up it essential values, with a fresh turn to empowerment, commitment and top-level technology. Appealing to traditional and new players!

The mission of Cryptomillions is to offer players the most fun, safe and transparent online gaming and lottery experience and contribute to social causes through donations.




Create and have the MVP done in January 2019, and release a Beta version in February. This milestone is crucial to stand out from the crowd, as well as to achieve the first phase of funding.




  • Cryptomillions app for iOS and Android.

  • Facebook, Google or email log in.

  • Buy credit with your credit card or Cryptowallet.

  • Select the game of your choice.

  • Select your numbers with our Shake and Play feature (it uses the gyroscope function of your mobile to generate random and uniform numbers) or manually.

  • Activate notifications and be notified about each draw before it happens.

  • The winners of the draw will be notified through the application and email.




After selling a ticket, the Cryptomillions’ smart contract of the lottery platform, sends 15% to the foundation(s) selected by the player, 15% to our portfolio, 3% as sales commissions and 67% remains as a reserve for prizes.

This way, the counterparty risk is eliminated and we achieve Blockchain's point-to-point goal. In short, thanks to the technology that has been used for Cryptomillions, it offers:

  1. Full transparency in each transaction

  2. Fair play

  3. Automation of award payments




  • MVPs implementation before the deadline.

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